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London House High Security Front Door

Gold Plus Series

This security door installation is designed around the Torterolo and Re Gold Plus standard for the highest Class 4 burglar resistance. Featuring a 20/10 steel frame, internal cut-resistant steel and a further external galavanised steel sheet, these doors provide a strong level of defence.

KSDW designed the bespoke wooden panels on this doorset as well as the matching door frame with stained-glass windows.

As well as a standard security key, this door also features an electronic keypad and a biometric fingerprint reader, which automatically unlock the door.


Model: TR 400
Panels: Solid Wood
Security Rating: ENV 1627
Custom features: Electronic keypad & fingerprint reader

London house high security front door
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Gold Plus High Security Front Door

Gold Plus High Security Front Door

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Bespoke Fire Rated Security Door

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