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Gold Plus Series

The Gold Plus Series is unrivalled: it provides the highest level of burglary resistance performance, featuring external galvanised steel and internal stengtheners in cut-resistant steel. The series also features the outstanding high security multi-point locking system.

High Security

The highest Class 4 burglar resistance
▸ ENV 1627


Acoustic Protection

Standard acoustic insulation installation
▸ Rw 40 to 42 dB

thermal transmittance icon

Thermal Transmittance

▸ Ud = 1.4 W/m² K

Gold Plus Series Door Sets

Arguably the security door set of choice for external secure residential doors with no requirement for glazing in the door leaf. Options include single and double cylinder mechanical locking, motorised locking (with the option for connection to all kinds of access and house control systems) and a patented touch screen variant (X-touch).

Select locking options for more details:

TR400 Residential Security Door

TR 400

A single key controls the entire multi-point locking system.

TR601 Residential Security Door

TR 601

A twin cylinder adds a secondary lock which can block the primary, providing an additional layer of security.

Linx Residential Security Door


An electronic lock which can be operated by battery or connected to home control systems and devices.

XTouch Residential Security Door

X Touch

An electronic locking system with integrated touch screen technology.