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Specialist Secure Glass

For applications that require specialist security glazing, KSDW has a strategic relationship for the supply of Tecdur® SecureGlass.

Tecdur® SecureGlass

This is an enhanced range of security glass that provides an exceptional level of impact resistance against the full range of manual attack threats. Whilst it has the attractive look and feel of standard glazing, it is the range of multi-layer glass-polymer composites that is engineered to withstand very high levels of physical attack.

As the UK market leader in security glass, impact resistant glass, anti-bandit glass and manual attack glazing products, Tecdur® SecureGlass offers a comprehensive range of threat solutions with proven durability. Solutions have been accredited to BS EN356 and LPS1270 security standards with manufacturing operations being audited annually to ensure compliance with BS EN ISO 9001.

Beyond this, Tecdur® SecureGlass can meet higher and more challenging security requirements such as bullet resistance further architectural (including heritage) requirements – for example, double glazing, fire resistance, sound reduction and solar control. Glazing can also be tinted, coloured or translucent and may have surface films or sandblasted numbers/lettering applied.

Our security glass (sometimes known as anti-bandit glass) constructions can be single side glass, dual side glass clad, double glazed and multi-ply. In addition, specialist materials can be encapsulated within the interlayer.

Beyond residential security, Tecdur® SecureGlass is widely used in high value commercial/ retail, prisons, correctional facilities, high security facilities, staff protection, security doors and VIP protection.

Enhanced security glass for use in secure establishments, high end retail and high security doors. Specified to EN356 or LPS 1270, the system is able to meet other building standards including for thermal and safety standards.

Enhanced security glazing incorporates high strength steel or other inserts to provide exceptional manual attack security. Grid Glass is widely used by utilities and other critical infrastructure sites as well as in communal entrances to provide exceptional protection against intrusion.

See how enhanced security glass can resist an axe attack. Ideal glazing for high-value retailers such as jewellers, fashion brands and electrical goods – helps to prevent smash and grab crime.

Blast protection

Blast protection is often required on significant Embassies and public buildings but there are often properties in the vicinity used for other purposes including residential that might suffer significant collateral damage from flying glass. Secure secondary windows have been range tested against a simulated vehicle bomb at distances from 45m to 15m and will provide very effective blast mitigation whilst at the same time providing good levels of intruder resistance.

All security units are designed, manufactured and tested by a well-established supplier, founded in 1966 and granted a Royal Warrant in 2004.

The demonstration video illustrates the blast glass response to an explosion and KSDW are the sole UK supplier for blass glass of this calibre.

Blast Glass Demonstration